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Let Joan Of Art Corporate Art Consultants Help Decorate Your Office

Talented Artists Spanning Many Media

Serving a diverse clientele across Canada since 1993, Joan Of Art Corporate Art Consultants helps our clients select original artwork and posters that uniquely complement their facility’s design and colour scheme. Our vast network of national resources and access to a wide array of artwork enables us to save our clients both time and money.

About Jo-Ann McCluskey & Our Approach

Jo-Ann McCluskey, Joan Of Art Corporate Art Consultants’ owner and president, has provided corporate and residential art consultations in the Toronto area for over 30 years. With a degree in Art History/Art from the University of Winnipeg and the University of Toronto, Jo-Ann is an expert in the field of art consulting, having worked with designers, facility managers and corporations alike. Upon your initial consultation, she will assess your home or office’s colour scheme, decorating style and the nature of your existing artwork. Next, she will determine which areas require artwork and whether any existing pieces could possibly be reframed or relocated. She’ll discuss your tastes, likes, dislikes and favourite artists and determine the different types of artwork that are available based upon your preferences.

Make Your Space “Come Alive” with Artwork

Jo-Ann will make professional recommendations about how you can make your space “come alive” with art and reflect your personality or corporate image you’re trying to convey. After establishing which direction you want to go, Jo-Ann will help you establish an artwork budget. Different sizes, shapes and groupings of artwork can be used to complement your overall design. Sometimes furniture may have to be rearranged. Sometimes plants and accessories will need to be added to help enhance the artwork. The final result should be unique artwork that reflects you, including your culture and personality.

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Whether you’re going with a more traditional design concept or something with slightly more contemporary appeal, we’re more than capable of making expert suggestions to suit your needs. Contact us at 905-737-9191 to schedule an in-office consultation, and let’s get started!